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Passenger Elevator Manufacturer in China

Wellift Elevator Company, founded in 1995, is a professional elevator manufacturer in China. We specialize in the production of various elevators, including passenger elevators, observation elevators, machine roomless elevators, commercial elevators, home elevators, and more. Our elevators are the product of years of experience and expertise, and are designed to meet all your needs. Featuring reliable quality, great safety, a smooth ride, and long service life, they are commonly used in residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, airports, transit systems, and more.

As a renowned elevator and escalator manufacturer, we are committed to manufacturing high quality passenger elevators, commercial elevators, home elevators, and freight elevators at competitive prices. We use the most advanced technology, and constantly strive to improve quality, while we keep down our production cost of our products, including observation elevators, dumbwaiter lifts, and moving walks. Additionally, we've established detailed technical and inspection standards, and strictly inspect each component, to ensure the quality of our elevators.

At Wellift Elevator Company, we are equipped with a staff of highly trained elevator designers and experienced installers. To better serve our customers' different requirements, we can also design and manufacture non-standard passenger elevators, residential elevators, and observation elevators according to your specific requirements. All our lifts and escalators are engineered to enhance the appearance and value of your building.

Our years of continued efforts have won us the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate. As a result of superior quality and affordable prices, our elevators’parts have also been awarded the CE certificate, and are popular in many countries around the world, such as the Philippines, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Arab Saudi, Albania, Russia, Ecuador, Nigeria, South Africa, India, and so on.

Our elevators carry a full one-year warranty, with guaranteed quality backed by our 15 years in the elevator industry. Our skilled engineers and technicians also provide our customers with complete customer services.

We are located in Xiamen, Fujian, where we enjoy convenient transportation by sea, land, and air. This allows us to quickly and cheaply ship our passenger elevators, moving walks, dumbwaiter lifts, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about our elevators and escalator systems.

    1. Passenger Elevator
      These V8 series passenger elevators can be easily and safely used high buildings like residential mansions ,high tower mansions , office buildings and commercial buildings.
    1. Observation Elevator
      The elevators have clear transparent glass lift car walls for passengers enjoy outside beautiful scenery, they are common used tower buildings and skyscraper...
    1. Machine Roomless Elevator
      The machine room-less elevator is also referred to as MRL elevator, the machine rooem- less elevator is a compacted through the ...
    1. Commercial Elevator
      Our V6 commercial elevator is a new-type elevator developed from durable gear product. It is suitable for use in common residences, commercial centers and other places.
    1. Home Elevator (Villa)
      With small occupying space and no hoistway, our safe and durable home elevator not only reduces the machine room design and constructing costs, but also makes the best use of your building space.
    1. Freight Elevator
      Our freinght elevator can lift 5000kg maximum cargo weight, reaches 60m high place the highest, this is a type of heavy duty industrial elevator ...
    1. Dumbwaiter Lift
      A dumbwaiter lift is a small freight elevator that moves goods between building floors. We are a professional dumbwaiter lift manufacturer in China.
    1. Escalator
      Our W8 escaltor is a latest technology sued and absorbed good features form other the same style escalator , it is fit all the situations as department store ...